Sweet Potato Waffles

Okay real talk: I love waffles. Yes, it’s a new love, but trust me. It’s true love. Not a fling, not a “what even are we” thing, it’s the real deal. Ever since I got my first waffle maker a few weeks ago, I’ve been making waffles nonstop. It’s like every day I’m wafflin’!


The best part about them is how customizable they are. You can make chocolate, vanilla, chai, AB&J, golden milk, MATCHA…the list goes on! If you don’t already know, about two years ago, I was diagnosed with a gluten allergy, so unfortunately I can’t whip up regular waffles, but I didn’t let that stop me. I got creative.

Everyone knows and loves the two-ingredient paleo banana pancakes (literally just banana and an egg. How simple?!), but I didn’t think that would stay up so well in a waffle maker. Plus, I felt like I needed a little more of a denser carb that would have some staying power in my tummy instead of giving me a quick boost like the fruit. Enter in the sweet potatoes. Yep, the almighty, orange beauty of a tuberous root veggie. I love these subtly sweet gems.


Not only are these guys not too sweet with just the right amount of flavor, but they’re also loaded with vitamin A and C, beta-carotene, potassium, fiber, choline manganese, and a list of other vital and nourishing nutrients. According to Medical News Today, this could mean an anti-inflammatory and immunity boost! For me, though, I find that sweet potatoes provide the perfect nourishment that satisfies my hunger and helps me through the day. Paired with an egg for extra protein, fat (embrace da yolk!), and even more yummy nutrients, and you’ve got yourself nicely rounded out, nutrient dense brekkie…

Part ONE. Because of course you have to add toppings, or that would be a pretty sad, lonely waffle! If you guys have been following my Instagram feed, then you know I love my toppings. Homemade nut butters, cacao nibs, coconut flakes, chia seeds, fruits, you name it! I’m all about going big on the toppings. It’s like a mini canvas to me! So check out my two-ingredient base recipe for waffles, with more combinations to come, and customize your waffle however you see fit. It’s your waffle, you way!

Happy Waffle Wednesday!

Sweet Potato Waffles

Serves 1IMG_4480


  • 1 sweet potato, baked for 1 hour at 400F
  • 1 organic, free-range egg
  • Optional: dash of cinnamon, vanilla extract
  • Toppings: nut butters, seed butters, chocolate chips, nuts, seeds, cacao nibs, fruits, etc.


  1. Remove the skin from sweet potato (I eat the skin, but you don’t have to…leave no nutrient left behind!) and mash. Add egg and combine until a batter.
  2. While waffle maker is heating, add in cinnamon and vanilla if you like.
  3. Once waffle maker is ready, pour batter in and cook for 4-5 minutes, depending on your waffle maker.
  4. Remove from waffle maker and top to your heart’s desire!

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