Reducing Stress and Healing Yourself

Hi Banana Fam!

Oof, it’s been a busy month! But one of the most freeing and healing and intuitive months for sure.

As many of you know, and for my new bananas on here, I was struggling with some major health issues these past 8-10 months. I really can’t pinpoint when exactly it started because the symptoms shifted so much, but when I knew it took a nose dive was in January. Long story short, I went to a handful of doctors that said there’s nothing wrong, no wait there is, you have hypothyroidism, no you’re maybe Hashimoto’s, just kidding, you have none of these, it’s just in your head.

I think deep down I knew it was my mind creating this pain. The mind is extraordinarily powerful (like Dr. Joe Dispenza describes in his many books and articles!). We are the placebo. What we believe, we become. Simple as that. You might think, “well, I believe I’m a millionaire, so why am I not a millionaire right now?” Well, that’s because you either don’t truly deep down believe that and have limiting beliefs to unblock or your millionaire mindset will soon come into fruition…but that’s for another post!

My mind was making me sick. Gain weight, lose my hair, mimic symptoms of thyroid disorders, autoimmune diseases, etc. There were days I couldn’t get out of bed (lucky for me, I work from home- I don’t do this full time…yet!…but I do work from home) and there were days I just spent punching pillows, getting angry at myself for not being able to even walk to the market, and hiding from seeing friends because I was embarrassed by how sick I felt.

Well, there were some big changes I employed in May that truly shifted my mind and set me on the path to health. I didn’t wake up one day and felt 100% normal. It was baby steps. Each and every day. CHOOSING to be well. And today, I’m sharing with you the steps that I took that helped me reclaim my health. I still have days where I need to take it easier, but for the most part, I’m on the up and up!


Every single day. I’ll be going into this more in another post on how to work up to doing an hour or more of meditation. But every morning, no excuses, I sat down on my pillow and listened to Dr. Joe lead me through a pineal gland meditation or sat in silence tuning into my soul or listening to Reiki music in the background while quieting my thoughts. I started with 5 minutes and worked up to an hour and a half. It was easy to choose because at the time, I didn’t have energy to even walk, so what else to do in the mornings than meditate?!

The point about meditation that I want to make clear is that it actually is not about silencing your mind. It’s about detaching from those thoughts. You are not your mind, you are a soul. Meditation brings your back into alignment with your soul and God, the Universe, whatever you believe in. It brings you peace, patience, clarity, and nourishment to your being.


Like meditation, I did this every morning. In the fall of last year, I wrote a post on tapping, but one of my favorite tapping series is from Brad Yates. It’s free, and only 5-10 minutes each one. He has them on OCD, anxiety, manifestation, jealousy, self-hatred, abundance, LOA, all of it! What you do it strategically tap on various points on the body that triggers your body to release and reprogram.

Gratitudes and Affirmations.

Once again, every morning. At first, I started by writing 10 things I was thankful for every morning, but then I felt that it was unnatural so I just started writing it free-form and it flowed so much easier. Give yourself 5-10 minutes every morning to think of some things that you’re truly grateful for.

With affirmations, I wrote them out on stickies and taped them around my apartment. Didn’t even take them down when friends came to visit, just kept them up because I’m not ashamed of growth. I wrote a bunch of “I am” statements. I am strong. I am healthy. I am healing. I love myself (okay not an “I am” statement, but you get the gist!). Anything that helps to reverse those limiting beliefs that got you here.


Reach out.

It can’t all be fun and games. You have to get uncomfortable to change. This could mean reaching out to friends, family, mentors, etc. Connect with people. When we feel sick, we isolate. It’s almost like cats, who when they feel they’re going to pass, they often hide so they can do so in privacy. I know, really sad, but that’s essentially what we do. We get sicker so we don’t want to see people and then we isolate until we don’t have community anymore.

Community will make you well. Find your community and force yourself to hold on. You’ll need it to get you through. You’re not alone. Always remember that.



I started going to a local Reiki master every other week. She’s been the only Reiki master that I truly connect with, and I love her like I’ve known her for years (even though we just met in March!). Reiki can be powerful, if you believe in it. Of course, energies are real, and I know that they are working even if we don’t believe in it, but trust me when I say, this ish will work 1000x faster if you give it a chance. Trust, let go, and be curious.


Self-Care Rituals.

Make your bed. Every. Single Day. My number one self-care tip. It’s so small but so important, especially when you’re coming out of sickness that leaves you so debilitated, you can’t even get up. Making your bed means that you’ve accomplished one thing so early in the day, it sets you on the right track for the rest of it. Trust me on this. It’s important. It got me out of depression, and it got me out of this weird sicky funk. This is supposed to be a treat for your mind. It’s a treat to your mind that you’ve accomplished something, it triggers you to want to accomplish more.

Take a bath. If you can’t stand your body, listen to music. Meal prep some nourishing foods. Do a little cleaning. Write a list of items you’d like to accomplish during the week. Plan a dream vacation. Anything to be a treat to your mind.



Only if you can. If you can walk a mile, walk only .75 of a mile. That way you still feel strong when you stop and it makes you even more excited to continue. If you can run, run. If you want to do yoga, do yoga. STRETCH. Massage your muscles. They need nourishment too.


Forgiveness and letting go.

Learn to forgive and let go. Forgive yourself, your boss, a friend that’s wronged you, a family member, everything. Forgive your past, let it go. You holding onto past hurts will only hurt you (and only you, I might add) more. Let go and choose LOVE and JOY and HEALTH and HAPPINESS.

My biggest tip in this all is realize that you have a choice. Everything you do and feel is a choice. Some of these choices have become automatic, but we can reprogram them. Reprogram them to choose abundance, and love, and happiness, and health, and freedom. You deserve that, and so do all of us.

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