The Crucial First Post

So here it is. My first post. I’ve tried to start a blog a few times before (two to be exact…so third time’s the charm, right?), but this one feels like me. The whole Britt, completely raw and honest.


If you haven’t already checked out my About Me page, I plan on using this little space to share things that promote wellness in the mind, body, and soul. And I feel that there’s something about this group of three that resonates with me. A trifecta of sorts, and for some reason, I think The Universe might be telling me that three is my number. For starters, I’m the first of three children (shout out to all of my guinea-pig first borns!). I was also born on September 12th (1+2=3), and went through three very different career paths (rather quickly, I might add) until realizing I’m the person that needs to define her own path…but more on that later!

So naturally, I felt like I needed three things to focus on to make me feel whole. I have loved art since I was little, when my grandpa sat with me outside and taught me how to draw a tree, but I’ve also always had a curiosity and interest for what the word, “health,” means. I dabbled for little bit (RE: several years) in the notion that healthy meant extreme exercise and caloric restriction, but that only left me, as a soul, feeling more disconnected in my mind and body.


That got me thinking. What is wellness, and how do I achieve it? Why are there so many different definitions of what it means to be healthy? What is my definition of being whole and well?

To answer those questions, I began by cleaning up my diet and focusing on whole foods. I cut out the diet-foods, stopped counting calories, and directed my energy towards nourishing my body rather than starving it. In August of 2016, I started my own Instagram, The Banana Diaries, to document the recipes that I created and loved, as well as the eateries that match my food philosophy (whole, natural, and loaded with nutrients). At first, it was an emphasis on being gluten-free (I was diagnosed with a gluten allergy in early 2016), but now I’m working to remove all labels. It’s just about what makes you thrive and feel alive.

But even after all of this, I still felt like there were pieces missing. I’m obsessed with running and yoga (two opposites that are the perfect yin and yang in my opinion), and being an artist is nonnegotiable, but I was stuck trying to find a way to marry all of my passions into one.


So, after a stint of soul searching, I came to the conclusion that what makes me feel completely and utterly myself comes in threes: mind (meditation), body (nourishment and movement), and soul (art).

One thing to note is that I believe in not only being your authentic self, but also shouting it on the freaking rooftops. What you can expect to find here is me being me: completely raw, honest, and just letting it all out. And also just celebrating life because how awesome is it that we are alive, our hearts are beating, we have people that we love and they love us, and we have each day to make it our own?

Yeah, pretty cool right? So cheers to fresh starts and for taking the first step on this wonderful journey! I know that The Universe and God have our backs.

Xx. Britt