How to make Homemade Oatmilk in 3 minutes!

Why you'll love this homemade oat milk:

- It's ready in just 2-3 minutes, and there's no need to soak the oats. - This oat milk yields super creamy yet NOT SLIMY oat milk! - You can easily heat this oat milk for an oat milk latte without creating a slimy texture. - You only need 3 ingredients, and it's naturally nut free, coconut free, and soy free!

Here's what you need:




Step 1: Pulse all of the ingredients together in a blender for no more than 30 seconds. 

Step 2: Place a piece of clean cheesecloth over a large bowl and strain the milk.

Step 3: Pour the oat milk back into the blender and clean the cheesecloth. Now strain it a second time.

Step 4: Store in a glass jar and keep in the fridge sealed for up to a week!

Oat Milk Uses: - dairy free creamer for tea & coffee - perfect for vegan dairy free baking recipes - great for making creamy homemade vegan ice cream - delicious in smoothies!