Easy Vegan Belgian Waffles (Made with Oat Flour)

Why you’ll love this  Vegan Belgian Waffles:

- vegan Belgian waffles are Full of vanilla flavor - These are incredibly easy and simple - Theses are dairy free, nut free and oil free - Vegan Belgin waffles are perfect for kids

Made with all-purpose flour and turned out amazing! The whole family loved them, thank you for an amazing vegan breakfast ASHLEY, ★★★★★

I liked that this recipe was simple and healthy but my batter was so thick. Looking at the video is was similar in consistency to yours but I like a thinner batter for waffles. HALEY, ★★★★

I think these are fantastic! Made a double batch so I could freeze the leftovers. I am gluten, egg, and dairy free but my extended family is not. K, ★★★★

Here's what you need:

Vegan Belgian Waffles – Oat flour (I have a post on how to make your own oat flour) – Vegan buttermilk (a combination of dairy free milk and apple cider vinegar) – Flaxseed “eggs” (just ground flaxseed mixed with water) – Coconut sugar – Baking Powder – Vanilla extract Swipe Up to Check All Ingredients

Now let's make this healthy Vegan Belgian Waffles!!



Step 1: Whisk together the oat flour with the baking powder, coconut sugar, and optional cinnamon and arrowroot powder..

Step 2: Add in the vegan buttermilk mixture, the flaxseed mixture, and vanilla extract, and fold together the ingredients until they’re just mixed.

Step 3: Heat the waffle maker according to the waffle maker directions, and use a butter brush to brush coconut or cooking oil into the hot waffle iron (letting the oil heat for 20-30 seconds on the hot iron).

Step 4: Place about 1/2 cup to 2/3 cup of batter into the waffles machine, spread it evenly, close the waffle iron and flip to cook for about 4-5 minutes or until the waffle maker says it’s ready.

Step 5: Carefully remove from the waffle maker and serve. Repeat for the remaining batter

Grab the full recipe + instructions linked here!

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