Probably one of the hardest things to do. Especially if you’re like me.

Let. Go.

That’s right. Release full control. Don’t predict the outcome and how it happens. I’ve struggled with this my entire life up until recent, so I know what you’re thinking. It’s not as easy as 1, 2, 3.

But it can be. It’s sort of like riding a bicycle. You don’t know how to do it until you do, and then you can’t not do it anymore because it’s just so easy, and now you’re wondering how you couldn’t grasp it before! So walk you through how to take of the training wheels and start riding the bike? Let’s dive into my top 5 steps to letting go and releasing what you desire:

  1. Recall instances in which you were able to fully let go. I promise that you’ll find them. When we remember these moments, it proves to our subconscious that letting go is within the realm of possibility for us. When we believe something is possible, it’s much more likely we’ll achieve it. For instance, if you think that it’s only possible for you to receive a B on a test, then the highest grade your subconscious will make happen is a B, but if you think that it’s possible to receive an A on a test, then your subconscious will accept that you can get an A because it suddenly became within the realm of possibilities. When I was recalling instances where I let go, I used both small and big examples. A small example was when I was trying to find a ride home from Brooklyn as opposed to taking the train (I wanted to take home some things and bring Nala & Kosmo along with us!). All week I was searching for an answer, and in my gut I knew it was possible to find a ride home. It was the night before we were leaving and at that point I just said, “Universe, if it’s meant to happen, it’ll happen, but it’s not the end of the world that we take the train.” Literally an hour later, Jared’s friend texts us out of the blue saying that he got out of going on a date by saying he had to pick us up in Brooklyn, so he decided might as well make that excuse a truth and offer us a ride! WE GOT A RIDE! Remember these instances and bring them into your consciousness so that you can see that you in fact are capable of letting go when you need to!
  2. Write down the desire “as if” and then shred it. Tear it up, burn it, flush it down the toilet. Do anything but hold onto it. This is not only telling yourself that you are releasing the desire, but also the Universe that you’re ready for whatever comes, either that or greater. I specify writing the desire “as if” or in the present tense because you must act as if it’s already happened. This not only preps the body and mind for actually receiving it, but you’re also telling the Universe that you’re worthy of receiving it. Remember, the Universe only gives you what you think you’re worthy of receiving! Then let it go by tearing it up! It’s already happened, so why do you need to keep reminding yourself of it? 😉
  3. Decrease importance of how, when, and what. Yes, it is good to be specific when it comes to manifesting, but you can’t hold onto details. Be specific so that the Universe knows exactly what you desire to bring down from multiple frequencies and into the lowest frequency (aka Earth), but then tell yourself it will be okay if this doesn’t happen exactly this way, by this time, and through that method. To decrease importance, I allow myself to think of only a few other possible outcomes that will occur, including the worst case scenario and then transition my thinking into realizing that the worst case scenario really isn’t bad at all, there could be some lessons from it, and I will still be happy. When you decrease importance, you think that you’re pushing what you desire away from you, but in actuality, you’re letting go to let it come closer. When we put things on a pedestal, we increase the degrees of separation through which we can actually achieve what we desire. That’s not to say it can’t come true, but then you’re matter trying to change matter, and let’s be honest, you deserve to have things a lot easier! Decrease the importance by finding other outcomes that will sit well with you if what you desire doesn’t come to fruition and realize that you will be okay.
  4. Don’t wait for permission to be happy. Be happy right now. By being happy inherently instead of waiting for an external outcome to bring you happiness, you let go of the desire, which triggers the Universe that you’re not living in lack or separation. You are whole and so when you’re whole, you have everything you need, and everything you need isn’t separate from you. Does that make sense? Maybe I just jumped off a deep end haha! But what I’m trying to say is that being happy just because you’re you helps you to not place your happiness on this desire outcome, and then you forget about how and when it will happen so then the Universe can surprise you in the most beautiful way!
  5. Be patient with yourself. When you struggle to let go, you can actually then struggle to let go of the fact that you can’t let go! Believe me, it’s a thing, it happened to me! Give yourself time and grace. Everyone comes to this at their own time. Please do not compare yourself to anyone else because they don’t have your same journey. It took me my entire life to figure out the formula on how to let go for myself that now makes even the biggest things a piece of cake! So trust the process and know that the Universe always has your back. It’s working with you to teach you how to let go. You’ll get there, and once you do, you’ll never forget! It’s like riding a bike, remember?

So there ya have it, folks! My top 5 tips on how to let go. If you liked this post, let me know in the comments below or drop me a line on the ‘gram! Let me know if you want more posts like this too, I rather like writing them! Have a great rest of your weekend!