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My name is Brittany (Britt for short!), and welcome to my kitchen on the web! I’m the cook, baker, photographer, and videographer behind The Banana Diaries. But I’m also an avid vegan cake lover, runner, cat mama, and cookbook author too! I live in Florida with my husband and our kitties, Nala and Kosmo.

I’ve been baking since I was 10 years old, and experimenting with recipe development since I was 15. I’ve always gravitated towards vegan and vegetarian food ever since I was little (I’d gladly choose hanging with animals over people as a kid ha!). As I transitioned into a fully vegan diet, so did my recipes. After college, I started The Banana Diaries in 2019 as a creative outlet for me while working in my first job.

I’m a self-taught cook and baker, and work to transform your favorite recipes vegan, from delicious vegan dinners to classic desserts made vegan.

As a baker, I specialize in transforming the traditional baking techniques into vegan ones, giving you the perfect dessert that’s undetectably vegan πŸ˜‰

Now, vegan food tastes amazing, but we all know that anyone who doesn’t follow the vegan diet is skeptical. And my guess is that, like me, you have family members that aren’t entirely vegan.

Which is why each recipe on The Banana Diaries has to be approved by several taste testers who don’t normally eat vegan (but hey, maybe now they will!). My goal is beyond just helping you bake vegan; it’s to also help you show others how delicious vegan desserts can be as well!

Photography by Fabiola X Photography.

About The Banana Diaries blog + recipes

At the Banana Diaries, it is our goal to share the best dessert and baking recipes that are secretly plant-based. Vegan baking recipes can look complex, but they’re really not. Each recipe adheres to using simple ingredients that you can most often find in a pantry (especially a vegan one).

While you might just be here for the vegan cookies, I would highly recommend reading through the actual post as well. Each post is packed with vegan baking tips that will ensure each recipe you make from the blog comes out as a showstopper. But for new bakers, I highly recommend checking out my guide to easy vegan baking here!

It’s my goal to not only deliver an incredibly delicious recipe, but also show you that it doesn’t take much effort at all to make something look beautiful. After all, we eat with our eyes first!

Along with vegan desserts, we also love sharing savory recipes as well- my personal favorites are the easiest vegan lasagna, vegan chili, and classic vegan Mac n’ cheese! Like our desserts, our vegan dinner recipes are focused on celebrating plant-based, wholesome ingredients that the whole family will love- not just the vegans!

And of course, since my husband, Jared, is gluten-free, most of our recipes also focus on being gluten free (especially our amazing gluten free bread recipes!).


Do I need to be vegan to enjoy these recipes?

Absolutely not! Most of my friends, family, and recipe testers are indeed not vegan (and they’ll tell you, these are some of the best cakes, cookies, brownies, etc. that they’ve ever tasted!). I really do think you’ll be shocked to see just how wonderfully delicious and easy these vegan recipes are. Just check the comments section of some of my most popular recipes, and you’ll see many readers exclaim that their non-vegan friends/family were obsessed with what they created!! It’s true plant-based magic πŸ™‚

When did you start The Banana Diaries?

I started blogging in 2019, after running The Banana Diaries on just Instagram for two years prior!

Can I make substitutions in your recipes?

You’re more than welcome to make substitutions, BUT it is not guaranteed to turn out as I created the recipe. If you have questions about substitutions, please write them in the comments section. It’s very helpful for other readers. And if there are substitutions for specific ingredients, I will always note the ones I’ve personally tested in the notes section of the recipe card.

How did you get into food photography and videography?

I absolutely love capturing my recipes through photos and videos as much as I love baking them! After taking Foodtography School in 2019, I realized I had an equal passion in food photography and videography. I’m working on a whole post that guides those that are interested in food photography/videography through my equipment, props, and process, so stay tuned!

Are your recipes gluten free as well?

About 90% of my recipes have at the very least gluten free options, but many recipes have been curated to be both specifically vegan and gluten free recipes. Check out the gluten free recipes tab in my recipe index for those recipes!

Are you vegan?

Yes, I am! For a while, I was resistant to label myself as “vegan” for the sake of my relationship with food; however, being vegan was something I gravitated to naturally even as a kid, and it was always rooted in the belief that animals should not be considered food (yes, even as a kid!). So I then realized my reason for being vegan was not grounded in restricting food choices, but in animal welfare, and so I live as well as eat vegan (meaning my lifestyle is vegan as well). Short answer: Yes, I’m vegan πŸ™‚

Do you have nutritional information for your recipes?

Some recipes are calculated using Nutrifox, however, they use the specific brands I have used for the recipe. This means that the nutritional calculations are only estimates and will not accurately reflect what is made in your own kitchen.

Can I guest post on your site?

We don’t accept any guest posts on The Banana Diaries website. All recipes and articles are created and written by Britt.

Photography by Fabiola X Photography.

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