Oh hey there, friend! My name is Britt, and welcome to my diaries! The banana diaries (because I’m bananas about bananas, true life).


For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a twenty-something year-old Connecticut native based in NYC and obsessed with all things health, wellness, and art! After graduating from Georgetown University in 2016 (go Hoyas!), I now live Brooklyn where I spend my time running, painting, creating recipes, balancing on my head, and a whole slew of other things (I’m one of those people that needs to constantly be doing something…I know, for a yogi, this is quite odd. I’m working on it).

So what sparked this journey of wellness in mind, body, and soul you ask? Well, for as far back as I can remember, I always considered myself an artist. I was that kid who would spend hours upon hours with pencils and a crayon box just doodling. The doodling progressed to formal drawing and acrylic painting classes in middle school and high school, at which point I was introduced to oil paints, and my world changed. Going to art school was my dream as a little kid, but life took me elsewhere (and I’m so grateful it did- no regrets here!), so I maintained a hand in art at all times because let’s be real: you can’t contain the soul of an artist.

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For specific art inquiries, please refer to my art site: http://www.brittanyisabella.com

Somewhere along that timeline, my mind was trying to develop a different story. I’ll save the meat of this for another post, but when I was 12 years old, I developed an eating disorder that was comorbid with OCD and an anxiety disorder. This led to a long nine-year battle between my doctors, my mind, and me. Midway through my college career, depression was tacked onto what was growing to be an encyclopedia of physical and mental health struggles in one body. During this battle, however, I had a brief moment of enlightenment while being treated for depression. I started doing yoga again, and for the first time in a long time, I was painting. When I picked up that paintbrush, I was lost in the moment, completely in the here and now. That’s when it hit me- I needed art to live.

But then, that moment was gone. Fast forward through graduation, moving to New York, finding a corporate job, losing myself in that corporate job, hating the corporate job, and then The Universe shouting in my face, This isn’t your path, why aren’t you listening to me, here we are! I finally realized that I needed to stop living life for someone else and start focusing on what makes me feel alive. And so, The Banana Diaries was born.


This is my not-so-private journal of the three things that bring me joy: art, yoga, and wellness. Here, you’ll find all things that inspire health, love, and joy in mind, body, and soul. Thank you so much for stopping by, and I’m so excited to share this journey with you!