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Best Ever Vegan Biscoff Cake (Gluten Free Option)

Vegan Cake Recipes

You’re just going to love these perfect vegan cake recipes, even gluten free. Even non-vegan eaters will be speechless! These vegan cake recipes have been tested, reviewed, and loved by thousands. We have our favorites: classic vegan vanilla cake, vegan red velvet cake, vegan chocolate cake, and even learn how to make a homemade vegan wedding cake! There’s not just layer cakes here though. We also have fun bundt cakes, ice cream cakes, and vegan pound cake too!

Watch this Vegan Chocolate Cake

This is hands down the best vegan chocolate cake you’ll ever have. It’s SO easy to make, just one bowl, and minimal ingredients. Plus, this vegan chocolate cake is UNBELIEVABLY eggless and dairy free, meaning even your standard chocolate lover would just LOVE this chocolate cake.

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