The ultimate holiday gift guide for the healthy foodie in your life! This guide is uniquely curated for the foodie, home & kitchen lover in your life, with a healthy twist!

It’s finally here! A holiday gift guide for the healthy foodie in your life 🙂 I’ve compiled a list of 45 gifts that make for excellent surprises for the holidays. You have everything ranging from appliances to cookbooks to fun kitchen gadgets that just make life easier!

These are my all time favorite kitchen and foodie items (most of them I own, so I can speak from personal experience that they’re AWESOME!). Buy for the healthy foodie in your life or hey, maybe it’s you! 😉

Happy shopping! 🙂

This post contains affiliate links. This means that when you make a purchase from these links, I receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. All recommendations are based on my personal experience and preference! Thank you for supporting The Banana Diaries!


  1. Calphalon Espresso Machine: I quite literally use this machine daily, and I love it. Haven’t bought coffee since (unless I’m being treated hehe).
  2. Oster Kitchen Blender & Food Processor: I absolutely adore this blender because it also seamlessly transforms into a food processor, which, if you’ve been around The Banana Diaries blog, you know I love my food processor recipes!
  3. Electric Wine Opener: if she or he is a wine-o like me and almost always breaks the cork in half (not ashamed), this is a must.
  4. Ice Cream Maker: so my mom got this for us as kids and I have to say, I’ve never loved a machine so much. I know sometimes people get these kinds of appliances and never use them but…boy did we use it (thinking back to the one time my little brother and I tried to operate this on our own as 9 and 5 year olds and ended up with chocolate ice cream strewn around the kitchen!).
  5. Waffle Maker: Also a must- I use my waffle maker every weekend! On Saturdays of course because Sundays are for…
  6. Pancake Griddle: making Pancake Sunday all the easier 🙂 I love using this griddle, and it’s so easy to clean!
  7. Instant Pot: Fall and winter = easy soup season, so this has been a VERY used appliance in our household!
  8. Airy Fryer: so I didn’t get to experience the magic of an air fryer until I came home for the holidays last year, and let me tell you- it truly is a game changer!
  9. Kitchenaid Hand Mixer: I loveeee hand mixers! I really would love a stand mixer (see next point haha!), but my hand mixer is a go to for everything from brownies, to cakes, to pancakes!
  10. Kitchenaid Stand Mixer: okay so I don’t actually own this but it is a BIG item on my wish list to have money towards! Think of all of the beautiful cake creations we could make!?
  11. Smeg Kettle: This is by far the best kettle I’ve used, and it’s great if you don’t have a great stovetop (aka my first NYC apartment haha!).

Specialty Food Items:

  1. Artisana Organics Holiday Nut Butters: I’ve had quite the obsession with Artisana for some time now, and I’ve actually gotten to meet the team personally. Wonderful people with such dedication and care to their products. They truly want to give you not only the best tasting nut and coconut butters, but also deliver on the highest quality. Every year, they come out with a seasonal line, and I kid you not, I live for it!
  2. (Good) coffee: My all time favorite coffee is by Bulletproof. They’re organic and the taste is just unmatched. You’ll love it!
  3. Lily’s Sweets Chocolate: I can’t get enough of Lily’s Sweets chocolate, and they have so many fun flavors! A wonderful gift this time of year, and it’s lower in sugar than most chocolates!
  4. Simply Organics Spices: If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see I always use Simply Organics spices. Not sponsored whatsoever, I just love them so much. The most high quality spices, and a perfect gift for the healthy or just straight up foodie!
  5. Organic Tea: Watch my Instagram stories or some of my YouTube videos, and you’ll see I always have a mug in my hand (most likely filled with tea after my coffee with breakfast haha!). Tea is a wonderful gift to give someone, especially a high quality one like this!


  1. Wine Glasses: I love the copper on these- really fun and decorative, not just for using!
  2. Ceramic Speckled Mugs: I’m a huge fan of mugs (and basically swap out mugs with the seasons: just check Instagram stories haha!), and these ones are so cute!
  3. Cake stand: I think the wonderful part about making cakes is decorating them, and it’s much easier to do on a cake stand! Plus you’ll want to display your creation afterwards 😉
  4. Personalized wooden spoons: These are just perfect for a cute holiday gift to a best friend or sibling!
  5. Personalized silverware: I still use my personalized spoon (it says “My Georgia Grinders Spoon”- basically a spoon for nut butter haha- every day!
  6. Ceramic Stoneware Dinner Set: A beautiful set for anyone just moving into or having recently moved into an apartment or home 🙂
  7. Bar Cart: stylish and useful!
  8. Ullo Wine Purifier: Alright, another one for the win-o’s, I’m obsessed with my Ullo!!! It’s perfect healthy foodie who wants the best quality and tasting wine without sulphates (bye, hangovers!)!

General Bakeware & Cookware

  1. Fun measuring tools: ever since I got stylish measuring tools, I actually never lose them haha! And these one’s are so cute, you’re going to want to take good care of them!
  2. Glass Bowls: I absolutely love these bowls and have used them for years. They really hold up well and are great for all sizes of baked goods!
  3. Marble Rolling Pin: Okay so another one I don’t have but I really really want haha! Isn’t it just beautiful!? I mean, I know my wooden one is just as effective (not really good at selling here haha), but HOW FUN?!
  4. Pie Dish: my go to pie dish!
  5. White ceramic dish: this is fantastic not only for big dishes, like my vegan lasagna, but also for sweet potato casseroles and French Toast bakes!
  6. Staub Pot: when you get this pot, it’s truly a worthy investment- fantastic for big soups and pot dishes, and it holds up for years!
  7. Cast Iron Skillet: I use my cast iron skillet basically daily, and it’s the best “investment” (the various sizes range from $10-40 so not that much of an investment) I made 4 years ago! Still holding strong!

Specialty Baking

  1. Cookie Cutters: Now, these ones are fun because they’re not just for Christmas and the holidays- there’s a mix of everything from all seasons and celebrations!
  2. Wilton Decorating Tips: If you’re just getting started with piping and decorating with frosting, I highly recommend this kit- it has all of the tips and tools for your frosting needs in one!
  3. Bundt Cake Pan: this one is so fun! I absolutely love making bundt cakes because you can easily frost them and still make them look elegant. Perfect and a must for any baker!
  4. 6″ Cake Pans: these make for the perfect sized cakes, and they’re especially good if you’re just starting out on your cake baking journey- makes for an easy set up vs trying to pile 8″ or 9″ cakes on top of each other haha!
  5. Cake Pan Sleeves: Okay so I learned this tip from John at the Preppy Kitchen and I haven’t gone back since. Use a cake pan sleeve to get the most evenly baked and easy to come out of the pan cakes! It’s a lifesaver! No more putting cakes back together haphazardly!


  1. Half Baked Harvest: So basically one of my biggest food blogging crushes, I just love everything that Tieghan puts out! It’s so beautiful and her recipes are incredible. She’s one of the two food bloggers who inspired me to start my own blog, so I owe a lot to her! Her cookbooks are some of my favorite.
  2. The Pretty Dish: This was the first cookbook that inspired me to really amp up my photo skills. I’ve loved looking through cookbooks before, but this was given to me after I decided to make a blog, and it’s been my inspiration ever since!
  3. Sally’s Baking Addiction: My second food blogging crush, I’ve been reading Sally’s Baking Addiction since her very first year of blogging (way back in 2011). It’s incredible to see how much she’s grown! Her recipes are absolutely fantastic, and her cookbooks just make a perfect gift for anyone!
  4. The Perfect Cake: if you’re a cake lover, you’ll love this book! If you couldn’t already tell, I love to make cakes, so this is one of my all time favorites to flip through!
  5. Bake From Scratch: baking from scratch really isn’t all that hard to do, and this cookbook makes it simple! Trust me, when you read through some of these recipes, you’ll never go back to a cake or cookie mix again 🙂
  6. The Healthy Meal Prep Cookbook: A fantastic cookbook for the healthy foodie who’s short on time! I’m a huge believer in meal prep: that ever so popular saying that meal prep saves lives quite literally rings true for me. It’s a game changer, and this book makes it easy!
  7. Lexi’s Clean Kitchen: Another one of my food blogging crushes, I absolutely adore Lexi and her recipes!
  8. Minimalist Baker’s Everyday Cooking: I’ve also been reading Minimalist Baker’s blog since its inception, and it’s incredible to seen how much they’ve grown (husband and wife duo!). Their cookbook is an absolute dream to flip through!
  9. Danielle Walker’s Against All Grain: Perfect for the Paleo and gluten free eaters of the family or friend groups, Danielle’s recipes are truly gems. You’ll love this cookbook!
  10. Nourishing Superfood Bowls: I have so much respect and admiration for Lindsay of Cotter Crunch, and her cookbook is not only stunning to look through, but the recipes are phenomenal. She really crushes the game!