Ever just want one (or two) cinnamon rolls? These small batch cinnamon rolls are the perfect solution. Soft, fluffy, and so easy and quick to make. Plus you don’t need any eggs nor dairy to make 4 perfectly delicious cinnamon rolls (and yes there’s a gluten free option as well!).

iced small batch cinnamon rolls in a casserole dish

Gooey and Deliciously Sweet Cinnamon Rolls for 4 People!

Ever just want one or two cinnamon rolls? Yeah, this recipe solves that 🙂 These fluffy and soft vegan small batch cinnamon rolls are a dream to make and only yield four perfectly swirly buns filled with sweet and gooey cinnamon sugar.

I actually based the recipe off of my classic vegan cinnamon rolls, and modified the instructions to yield the best cinnamon rolls (vegan or not!) in even less time (only 75 minutes to make these, start to finish!).

The dough is so easy and love to work with, as it’s a brioche-based dough. However, we’re not using any eggs nor dairy here so the cinnamon rolls are entirely vegan- and yes, there’s even an amazing gluten free version too that’s even easier!

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Topped with some creamy dairy free cream cheese frosting, these small batch cinnamon rolls will quickly become a weekend staple for you…and you might even need to make more than just four because they’re that good!

sliced cinnamon roll on a plate

Why you’ll love this recipe:

  • Ease: These small batch cinnamon rolls can be made by hand or using a stand mixer, but either option works! And the ingredients are so simple- we’re not even using any eggs!
  • Taste and texture: While these rolls are quick and easy to make, we’re not sacrificing any flavor or texture. These cinnamon rolls are just as soft, fluffy, and sweet as your favorite- or maybe even better! These small batch cinnamon rolls just melt in your mouth and are so pillowy and sweet. You’ll maybe want another batch to be honest!
  • Quick to make: Because we’re using quick rise yeast, these unbelievably vegan cinnamon rolls are much quicker than using regular active dry yeast. And the gluten free option is even quicker! You can even make them as overnight rolls as well.
  • Customizable: The best part about these small batch cinnamon rolls is actually the fact that not only can you make these cinnamon buns gluten free, but I also have an option to make an even smaller batch of cinnamon rolls- just for two!