This ultra lush and rich vegan chocolate cake is the definition of decadence with a soft and tender moist crumb. Frosted in the creamiest chocolate buttercream, you won’t believe this vegan chocolate cake is made without eggs nor dairy- and it keeps moist for 4 days!!

sliced vegan chocolate cake

What makes this the BEST vegan chocolate cake to exist:

You are just going to fall in love with this vegan chocolate cake. In fact, it will become the only chocolate cake recipe you ever make.

It’s a bold statement that I’m fully prepared to back up. Don’t worry, I’ve come prepared.

This is the best vegan chocolate cake recipe you’ll make, not only for the fact that it tastes out-of-this-world amazing; truly. I’m a vanilla cake lover, but after a bite of this cake, I feel like I’ve missed out for nearly 29 years of my life.

And I’ve tried a lot of cakes in my life (just check the chapter in my vegan cookbook dedicated to JUST vegan cakes).

We’re talking ultra moist and rich, decadent yet tender and light, and downright irresistible. This vegan cake tastes like the best chocolate cake you’ve ever had, vegan or not. Yet, because it’s dairy free, egg free, nut free, and soy free, everyone can enjoy it.

bitten cake slice layer

Plus, we’re layering those perfectly tender cakes with a creamy and dreamy fudgy vegan chocolate ganache (or for classic cake lovers, this ridiculously good vegan chocolate buttercream frosting) that will make you want to just ditch the cake all together and just go for the frosting.

But trust me, it’s worth it to assemble the whole cake!

Don’t need that much cake? Try this super cute small chocolate cake that’s based off of this one! It’s only a single layer and 6″ in diameter. Or this super easy vegan flourless chocolate cake!