This is truly the best vegan coconut cake I’ve ever had! So moist and fluffy, and full of fresh coconut and vanilla with a dairy free coconut cream cheese frosting that just sets this coconut cake apart from the rest!

slice of vegan coconut cake

Why you’ll love this vegan coconut cake

I’m so beyond excited to share this vegan coconut cake with you. I’ve tested it several times, and man, do we have a winner. Even my nearly 80 year old Italian grandmother (read: she’s not accustomed to eating vegan and gluten free!) loved this coconut cake. So much so, she had a second slice!

slice of coconut cake on a plate

I just know you’re going to absolutely fall in love with this coconut cake, and for a few reasons:

  1. This cake is the definition of super moist and fluffy. I’m talking feels-like-you’re-eating-a-cloud fluffy and tender. Trust me, “dry cake” will be nowhere near your thought pattern.
  2. It’s shockingly easy to make. Forget the notion that making a layered cake, heck a vegan layered cake is hard. Like my classic vegan vanilla cake, this vegan coconut cake is the definition of easy, so whether you’re a pro or beginner, you’re going to love this cake.
  3. The dairy free coconut cream cheese frosting is out of this world. Based on my easy vegan cream cheese frosting, I could easily eat that frosting alone, but paired with the fluffy coconut cake full of toasted coconut, you’re going to see why this coconut cake is award winning!
  4. This vegan coconut cake is full of flavor. Don’t for a second think that vegan baking is flavorless. In fact, I think it’s quite the opposite. Not only will you be overwhelmed with the bursting fresh flavor of coconut at the first bite, but it’s also paired with a subtle yet lovely vanilla undertone that really makes you speechless. With a slight tang from the dairy free cream cheese, you’ll go back for another bite. Trust me, it’s worth the calories.
  5. You don’t have to be vegan to love this cake. Or bake it! If my nearly 80 year old grandmother, who hadn’t tasted a vegan treat until she was 77 years old, can say she loves this cake, then I’m certain anyone will!
fluffy vegan coconut cake slice on a plate