Want to know how to make the best vegan buttercream frosting that even dairy lovers will obsess over? This 4 ingredient quick vegan vanilla frosting is so easy to make and perfect for stacking, decorating, and piping onto layer cakes, cupcakes, brownies, and more!

vegan buttercream frosting in the bowl of a stand mixer

This vegan buttercream frosting recipe is going to take all of your vegan cakes to the professional level! 

And guess what? It’s just so easy to make. 

This frosting is the perfect classic buttercream recipe that you can use for just about any cake recipe out there (and especially on my vegan vanilla cake!) or pipe onto cupcakes (like my vegan vanilla cupcakes!). You can even smear this frosting onto vegan brownies (or swap in my classic vegan chocolate frosting, vegan peanut butter frosting, or vegan cream cheese frosting), pipe as a filling for cookies, and even use as the base frosting for a vegan wedding cake.

It’s the base recipe for many of my vegan frosting recipes (including my vegan blueberry frosting and vegan strawberry frosting!), and a staple recipe from my vegan cookbook. Once you try it, you’ll see why!

Vegan buttercream frosting ingredients

Making a homemade vegan vanilla frosting is actually much simpler than it sounds, and trust me, tastes so much better than store bought.

You’ll need just 4 key ingredients:

  • Vegan butter: If you use salted vegan butter, you can really keep this vegan vanilla frosting just 4 ingredients! I recommend Miyoko’s vegan butter for the best all around vegan butter. for a nut-free vegan butter option. Other great options include Flora Plant Butter, and Earth Balance. More on which butter brand to use below!
  • Powdered sugar: make sure that your powdered sugar is sifted! This will prevent any clumps in your buttercream, and allow for the smoothest texture. I recommend Florida Crystals powdered sugar for a vegan powdered sugar. 
  • Dairy free milk: any non-dairy milk (such as soy milk, almond milk, oat milk, etc.) will work. This helps to achieve a really smooth consistency in vegan buttercream frosting. However, only a little is needed (literal spoonfuls). Too much, and the frosting will split!
  • Vanilla extract: because without a little vanilla, the frosting will just taste sweet! We want some complexity to it 🙂
vegan vanilla cake with vegan vanilla frosting on a cake stand with flowers