This rich and velvety vegan red velvet cake with silky dairy free cream cheese frosting is the ultimate vegan cake recipe! The perfect balance of cocoa and sweetness with a slight tang, this red velvet cake will be your favorite, vegan or not!

slice of vegan red velvet cake

Why you’ll love this vegan red velvet cake:

Red velvet cake is high on the list of my top favorite cake recipes, especially this vegan version. When I used to work at Georgetown Cupcakes, the red velvet flavor was the best selling out of all flavors, even chocolate.

Red velvet cake is a classic for a reason.

It’s a wonderful celebration cake for holidays, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, but not just those holidays: make this veganized vegetarian version of red velvet cake for Valentine’s Day, a birthday, graduation, engagement party, weddings, and more!

So when you take a bite out of this vegan red velvet cake, I think you’ll be shocked to learn that this cake is actually eggless, dairy free, gluten free, and can be naturally red!

All while maintaining the classically sweet and slightly tangy, yet uber rich and moist taste of the cake we all know and love.

This will be your go-to red velvet cake, vegan or not!

sliced vegan red velvet cake