This easy one bowl peanut butter swirled strawberry sheet cake uses just fresh pureed strawberries for a beautiful tender and moist cake! Baked with a peanut butter swirl on top and fresh strawberry peanut butter buttercream, this easy cake is naturally vegan (no eggs, no dairy!)!

sliced vegan strawberry cake

The easiest strawberry sheet cake you’ll ever make:

There seems to be this common misconception that fresh strawberry cake is really hard to make, when in reality, it’s literally the easiest cake you can make.

This incredibly easy strawberry sheet cake is based off of my one bowl vegan strawberry cake– a deliciously tender and moist strawberry cake that entirely eggless and dairy free.

Then we’re making it even easier and baking it as a sheet cake- so way more approachable for new bakers (though we do have some really easy and fun layer cakes that you should try!).

slice of strawberry sheet cake leaning on another slice

The star of this cake? We’re simply using fresh strawberry puree (none of that fake stuff, and no, you don’t need to further reduce the strawberries!) for a true strawberry flavor bursting throughout this cake.

And to make things more fun, I added a peanut butter swirl on top (as an ode to the classic peanut butter & jelly sandwiches of our youth), and a creamy and slightly tangy vegan strawberry cream cheese frosting to finish.

This fresh vegan strawberry sheet cake is a bit of nostalgia and childhood with pure enjoyment in every bite. You’re just going to love it!!

And if you need even more strawberry desserts: Check out my vegan strawberry tiramisu and strawberry pie!

slice of strawberry sheet cake with a bite taken from it

How come other recipes reduce the strawberry puree?

Many strawberry cakes that you see on the internet either require you to drastically reduce the strawberry puree into a reduction sauce (which yields an even more complex layer to making a should-be straight forward cake) or they use artificial strawberry flavoring.

You need neither for that recipe. The reason being? I’ve taken into account the moisture that strawberries bring to a cake recipe. Additionally, I think in this instance, this is where conventional baking becomes more complicated than vegan baking.

There’s much more flexibility in ingredients and ingredient quantities when baking a vegan cake. Plus, vegan cakes tend to be way more moist and tender than regular cakes (eggs tend to dry them out more so than any vegan egg substitute) so really, it’s just finding a balance of flour to wet ingredients.