This is honestly the best vegan carrot cake you’ll ever have, and it’s a crowd favorite with even non-vegan eaters. No eggs, no dairy, one bowl, and easily gluten free, this carrot cake is topped with a super lush and a creamy dairy free cream cheese frosting. Soon to be your favorite cake recipe ever! 

sliced vegan carrot cake

Reasons to love this vegan carrot cake

Just wait until you try this unbelievably vegan carrot cake recipe. Seriously, whether you’re vegan or not, I know you will fall in love with it.

Like my ultra rich vegan vanilla cake and chocolate cake recipes, this secretly vegan cake‘s flavor is just perfectly sweet while being so tender, soft, and moist with the perfect crumb. 

Using a dairy free vegan cream cheese frosting, you’ll be able to create a carrot cake fit for a bakery (or even better!).

This recipe is so good, I even based my carrot cake loaf and carrot cake cheesecake off of it.

Pretty cool, right?

And like my vegan lemon blueberry cake, this carrot cake can be made in just one bowl.

slice of vegan carrot cake on a piece of parchment paper

If you need more proof, then the carrot cake king himself (my dad lol) claims this is his favorite carrot cake. Carrot cake is his absolute favorite cake of all time, so I wanted to make sure that this eggless and dairy free carrot cake would pass his high standards 😉

Now, my dad is not one to like many gluten-free and/or vegan creations, but this carrot cake changed his mind!

So let’s get into the ingredients for this vegan carrot cake! Because there are a few ingredients that, yes, they’re common in the kitchen, but I’m betting you probably have never tried them in a carrot cake 😉

slice being removed from carrot cake