This is literally the easiest single serving cookie recipe on the internet. This single serving double chocolate chip cookie is ready in 15 minutes start to finish, and is naturally egg free and dairy free (so vegan!). Andddd of course, I stuffed it with vegan Nutella, so you’ll either love me or hate me for how easy this vegan cookie recipe is 🙂 

one giant double chocolate chip cookie on a baking sheet

I totally get it. If you know me at all, then you know that I am constantly making a batch of either my vegan double chocolate chip cookies or my classic vegan chocolate chip cookies weekly. But sometimes, you really just don’t want to make a full batch of cookies every time.

Enter in the single serving double chocolate chip cookie (yes, based off of one of my favorite vegan cookie recipes!).

Like all of my cookies, this giant cookie for one is made entirely without eggs and without dairy (so obviously, the cookies are vegan- which I am too 😉 And I have a whole vegan DESSERT cookbook to prove how yummy vegan sweets are!).

broken open double chocolate chip cookie on a baking sheet

It’s so quick and easy to make, you don’t even need to chill the dough. So you literally can have the most perfect giant single serving cookie recipe in less than 15 minutes. Andddd because I love stuffed cookies, I added vegan Nutella to mine 🙂

It’s really good! You’re just going to love it!