We’ve compiled over 50 of our absolute favorite vegan Easter recipes that all eaters can enjoy (yes, even gluten free!). Here you’ll find recipes for Easter brunch, Easter dinner, and dessert! We have classics, like vegan carrot cake and coconut cake to more whimsical treats, like a bunny butt cake and monkey bread. We’ve even included some savory options if you’re celebrating Easter dinner instead, or want a few more options at your Easter brunch!

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Our favorite vegan Easter brunch recipes

Here is a compilation of some of our absolute favorite vegan Easter brunch recipes. You’ll find both sweet and savory recipes (but mostly sweet!), from French toast to homemade vegan bagels!

collection of vegan easter brunch recipes

1. Vegan French Toast

Using our favorite vegan brioche bread, this classic vegan French toast is unbeatable. Super easy to make, and we’re just using aquafaba instead of flaxseed or chia seed for the best tasting vegan French toast that all eaters will eat!

2. Easy Vegan Belgian Waffles

No Easter breakfast or brunch is complete without waffles. These easy vegan waffles are made with just oat flour, yet they rise as fluffily as a classic Belgian waffle. Top with maple syrup, coconut whipped, and fresh berries!

3. Vegan Buttermilk Pancakes

These vegan buttermilk pancakes taste just like the classic buttermilk pancake dish. Easily scale this recipe up to serve more guests, and make them gluten free with a few different flour options!

4. Delicious Vegan Coffee Cake

With swirls of sweet cinnamon in between, who could resist a slice of this classic New-York style vegan coffee cake crumble! Make it gluten-free with oat flour!

5. Gooey Vegan Monkey Bread

If you love vegan cinnamon rolls, then think of this vegan monkey bread as a cross between the best cinnamon roll made into bite size pieces! This gooey monkey bread is undetectably dairy free and vegan. Perfect for any Easter brunch table!

6. Homemade Vegan Bagels

Forget the store bought bagels and make fresh homemade vegan bagels. You can even make them gluten free! And try these amazing vegan cinnamon raisin bagels as well!

7. Vegan Brioche Bread

You can’t have classic vegan French toast without vegan brioche bread! This brioche bread is plush, soft, and absolutely delicious. Just like the classic!

8. Best Vegan Cinnamon Rolls

You need to try these vegan cinnamon rolls stat! Everyone absolutely loves them, vegan or not. You can even make this gluten free vegan cinnamon rolls recipe for those who are gluten-free!

9. Vegan Chickpea Quiche

This vegan quiche is made from just chickpeas instead of tofu, making it soy free as well as dairy-free and eggless! It’s also totally customizable: add in your favorite veggies, like mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, or even lentils! You can easily make the crust gluten free too!

10. BEST Vegan Pane di Pasqua

My family’s favorite bread to have at Easter is Pane di Pasqua. It was my great grandpa’s favorite to make! This vegan Pane di Pasqua features a vegan chocolate egg in the middle to keep with tradition! 

11. Easy Vegan Hot Cross Buns

No vegan Easter brunch would be complete without hot cross buns! These zesty and sweet vegan hot cross buns are plush, soft, and taste just like the classic!

collection of vegan easter dinner recipes

Our favorite vegan Easter dinner recipes

If your family is making Easter dinner rather than having a brunch, we’ve got you covered with an amazing Easter meal! Here are a few of our favorite main dish vegan Easter dinner recipes that can fit many diets, including gluten-free and nut free. You’ll also find a few of our favorite vegan easter side dishes and appetizers as well to create the perfect springtime dinner menu. 

1. Vegan Gnocchi

These plush and pillowy potato vegan gnocchi are a dream! So easy to make, and you can even make them gluten free with oat flour. Use your favorite sauce, like marinara or homemade vegan pesto to serve!

2. Baked Vegan Mac n’ Cheese

If you’re looking for a comfort food classic, this easy baked vegan Mac n’ cheese tastes like the real deal and is perfect for a hearty Easter dinner side dish or main. Kids and adults just love this!

3. Vegan Lentil Meatballs

Serve these super easy lentil meatballs over homemade pasta with marinara sauce or make into vegan meatball grinders!

4. Classic Vegan Dinner Rolls

No dinner is complete without dinner rolls, and these fluffy and soft vegan dinner rolls taste just like the classic! No one will know the difference!

5. Healthy Herbed Potato Salad

This is truly the best healthy vegan potato salad around. The herbs we’re using are a mix of basil, parsley, and dill, but feel free to throw in your favorites! The sauce comes together in just 1 minute, and can even be used over other vegetables, like roasted cauliflower or carrots!

6. Garlic & Herb Vegan Dinner Rolls

A twist on our favorite vegan dinner rolls, these garlic & herb vegan dinner rolls pack a flavorful punch and taste amazing with a smear of vegan butter!

7. Peach & Tomato Panzanella Salad

We always have a panzanella salad at our easter! Super easy to make, this vegan peach & tomato salad is perfect for a hearty spring salad!

8. Cheesy Vegan Garlic Pull Apart Bread

This vegan garlic pull apart bread is loaded with gooey melty dairy free cheese and full of herby flavor! Truly the best vegan garlic bread around!

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The best vegan Easter desserts

You can’t celebrate Easter without some classic Easter desserts (made entirely vegan!) to round out the Easter feast. End your Easter menu with classics made vegan like gluten free vegan carrot cake (that even non vegans LOVE!) and vegan coconut cake to more whimsical designs, like a vegan bunny butt cake and a vegan mini egg cake. These vegan Easter recipes are sure to delight!

1. BEST Vegan Carrot Cake

This is truly the best vegan carrot cake ever. So easy to make and full of wonderful spice! You can make it nut free or go the classic route of topping with walnuts of course! And the vegan cream cheese frosting is amazing!

2. Amazing Vegan Coconut Cake

This vegan coconut cake is a Banana Diaries staple. Readers just love this, whether or not they’re vegan or gluten free! The texture is perfectly fluffy and full of real coconut- no extracts nor artificial flavors!

3. Vegan Lemon Blueberry Cake

This easy vegan lemon blueberry cake is bursting with blueberries and all coated in a homemade blueberry frosting that’s actually incredible!

4. Best Baked Vegan Cheesecake

Move over New York cheesecake! This baked vegan cheesecake is actually the *best,* and it’s so easy too! No cashews nor tofu, and the crust is naturally gluten free!

5. Vegan Cadbury Creme Eggs

Forget the store bought candy this year, and make these homemade vegan Cadbury Creme Eggs! They’re filled with a creamy yellow and white sweet goo that tastes just like a Cadbury Creme egg- only there’s no milk nor eggs!

6. Vegan Robin’s Egg Nest

This fun and festive robin’s egg nest cake is made with layers of coconut blueberry cake and all encased in a delicious blue frosting speckled with chocolate! And everything is naturally vegan!

7. The Ultimate Easter Egg Nest Cake

This Easter Egg Nest Cake is an absolute showstopper! With vegan chocolate coconut cake and layers of vegan cream cheese frosting all encompassed in chocolate coated coconut, you’ll wow anyone with a slice of this cake!

8. Classic Vegan Vanilla Cake

This vegan vanilla cake is truly a classic. The best vanilla cake I’ve ever had, vegan or not actually! The vanilla flavor is so pure and the texture and crumb are perfection! There’s a reason why this cake consistently receives 5 stars!

9. Vegan Carrot Cake Bars

If a layered cake feels too much for your vegan Easter celebration, try these super quick and easy vegan carrot cake bars! They’re fast and easy to make, and taste just amazing with the vegan cream cheese frosting! And they’re also gluten free using oat flour!

10. Easy Vegan Strawberry Shortcake

This vegan strawberry shortcake recipe is so easy to make! The biscuits can be made either gluten free or with all purpose flour, and only need to bake for 20 minutes! Then just assemble with coconut whipped cream and strawberries for a hassle free Easter dessert! 

We hope you absolutely love these recipes!! If you try any of them, make sure to leave a comment down below, and give a review to the recipe! As always, we absolutely love to see your beautiful creations on Instagram and Pinterest, so be sure to tag us there!

Happy Easter!

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